Enhancing Life Scholars publish widely, showing the breadth of the application of the theme of enhancing life. Below is a partial list of articles and books authored by Enhancing Life Scholars.

Publications of Monographs

(Books and Full Research Studies)

Publications of Articles, Essays, and Chapters

Anderson, P.. "Ricoeur in Dialogue with Feminist Philosophy of Religion: Hermeneutic Hospitality in Contemporary Practice ."Lexington Books Read
pp. 199-220 Feminist Explorations of Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy

Anderson, P.. "When Justice and Forgiveness Come Apart: A Feminist Perspective on Restorative Justice and Intimate Violence’."The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion Read

Blondheim, M.. "Media Theology: New Communication Technologies as Religious Constructs, Metaphors, and Experiences."New Media and Society Read

Danely, J. "Hope in an ageing Japan: Transience and transcendence."Contemporary Japan Read

Haynes, Jeffrey. "‘The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and improved global dialogue’."London: Routledge Read

Jansen LA, Mahadevan D, Appelbaum P, Klein WMP, Weinstein ND, Mori T, Sulmasy DP. "Dispositional optimism and therapeutic expectations in early phase oncology trials."Cancer Read

Malik IA, Shabila NP, Al-Hadithi TA. "Women's knowledge of the domestic violence legislation in Erbil, Iraq and their response to spousal violence."Journal of Family Violence Read

Rossing, B.. "Eco-Reformation, Deep Incarnation, and Lutheran Perspectives on the Universe Story."Orbis Books Read
Pages 264-272 in Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, eds., Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to Journey of the Universe

Sattler, S.. "Cognitive Enhancement in Germany: Prevalence, Attitudes, Moral Acceptability, Terms, Legal Status, and the Ethics Debate."Oxford University Press Read
p. 159-180. in Jotterand, F., Dubljević, V. (eds.), Cognitive Enhancement: Ethical and Policy Implications in International Perspectives

Sulmasy, DP. "The clinical decision making process for the elderly patient at the end of life: upholding the tradition."Vatican Read
Assisting the Elderly and Palliative Care: Proceedings of the 21st General Assembly of Members, Pontifical Academy for Life: 83-99.

Sulmasy, DP. "Death and dignity in Catholic Christian thought."Medicine Health Care and Philosophy Read

Sulmasy, DP. "The Ethics of Medically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration at the End of Life: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff."The Oxford Handbook of Ethics at the End of Life Read

Couldry, Nick. "The price of connection: ‘surveillance capitalism’."The Conversation Read
An article in conversation with the themes of the ELP, with over 62 on-site comments, 450 Twitter mentions, and 1800 Facebook shares.

Haynes, Jeffrey. "The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations' ability to improve relations between Christians and Muslims has been limited'."LSE Blogs: Religion and the Public Sphere Read
Part of a series of blogs that overall attract 70,000 hits per week.

Haynes, Jeffrey. "National Sovereignty, Globalisation and Securitisation of International Migration."Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute Read

Nagel, Alexander-Kenneth . "Governing religious diversity in urban contexts: The interplay of religious and state representatives in local interfaith networks."Routledge Read
Co-authored with Eva Dick; pages 27-45 in the book "Spiritualizing the City"

Nagel, Alexander-Kenneth. "Sind Druiden gemeinnützig? Anerkennungprozeduren und kollektive Identitäten am Beispiel des britischen Druid Network." Read
In book Zeitschrift für Evangelische Theologie 76 (3), pages 440-450.

Barbara Rossing. "The World is About to Turn: Preaching Apocalyptic Texts for a Planet in Peril."Wipf & Stock Read
A chapter of the book Eco-Reformation; pages 140-159.

Scott, Christopher. "Life Played Richly." Read

Scott, Christopher. "Longevity research and genetic enhancement."Baylor College of Medicine Read

Sulmasy, Daniel. "Non-faith-based arguments against assisted suicide and euthanasia."Taylor & Francis Read
Published in Linacre Quarterly 2016; 83:246-257

Zimmerman, Ruben. "Abundant and Abandoning Life. Towards an ‘Ethic of Life’ in the Gospel of John."Fellowship of Biblical Studies Read
Published in Volume 64 of the Australian Biblical Review; pages 31-53

Danely, Jason. "#Ageing."Allegra Lab Read
Series of blog posts

Danely, Jason. "Creativity and Aging in Japan."Age of Creativity Read

Ing, Michael. "Two Virtuous Actions Cannot Both be Completed: Rethinking Value Conflicts in Early Confucian Thought.."Wiley Read
The Journal of Religious Ethics 44.4, pages 659-684.

Mitchell, Monique . "The family dance: Ambiguous loss, meaning-making, and the psychological family in foster care."National Council on Family Relations Read
Journal of Family Theory and Review, 8, 360-372.

Mitchell, Monique. "Building a relational home for children transitioning into foster care." Read
Fostering Families Today, pages 26-27.

Pinchevski, Amit. ""Alterity"." Read
Encyclopedia entry in The International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy.

Schweitz, Lea. "Mothering and a Goose." Read

Schweitz, Lea. "Take Me to the (River) Walk." Read